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C. Mark Campton

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What We Do

Lois F. Campton

Lois has over 25 years of experience in providing a range of Information Technology and Project Management consulting services to the High Tech, Retail, Wholesale, and Financial Services industries.  Most recently Lois played a leadership role to improve customer relationship and services through a number of initiatives centered on business process improvement and automation, master data management, and business intelligence in the High Tech Software industry, resulting in an increase in software licensing revenues.  Lois has also provided Technology, Accounting, and Project Management services to Financial Services/Hedge Fund clients.

Master data management (MDM) 

connecting your disparate data sources 

Mark has over 25 years of Information Technology & Supply Chain management experience within the international retail and wholesale industries, application development and packaged solutions arena.  Prior to his active role in LAF Data Management Corp., Mark’s previous experience included VP Operations Strategy & Optimization, VP IT Strategy & Architecture, Director Global Application Architecture,  CTO  - Mark also spent eleven years with DFS Group LTD (LVMH), as Vice President, Corporate Systems Development Services.  In that post, Mark had global responsibilities for IT strategy, business process re-engineering, application design, development, support, quality assurance, release management and documentation services.